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Bitcoin 1 oz .999 silver commemorative coin BTC decentralized consensus crypto

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18th of April 2021 at 2:37 PM
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All items are in airtite case shipped wrapped in air bubbles and in bubble mailer within 24 hours of payment, most of the time much sooner and shipped usps first class with tracking. I guarantee all my silver to be pure and offer no hassle returns on everything. Buy with confidence, and be sure to check my store for the best in silver today!

PURE .999 Silver

you get 1 oz .999 solid silver bitcoin proof like piece. Nice mirrior finish

You are buying 1 Troy Ounce .999 pure silver Proof Bitcoin commemorative, this piece applauds and recognizes Bitcoin for moving away from fiat currency.

Silver Tips to keep you relatively safe:

1. Silver should weigh 31.1 to 31.8 grams – any heavier it probably is fake, any lighter it probably is fake. The mint will almost never have it lighter then 31.1 as they don’t want to cheat you out of silver, they also will most likely not make it heavier then 31.8 so as to not “give away” free silver. (You can purchase a cheap digital scale here on Ebay, you just need a small one weighing grams to the 100th ie 31.18)

2. Get a strong magnet, small and circular in size (can be found at any electronics store or even here on Ebay). Hold your silver piece at 90 degree angle with magnet at the top, let the magnet slide down the surface, if it falls off or slides rapidly, it’s probably fake. If it sticks, it’s probably fake, it should just glide down the piece almost purposely (sort of slow and controlled, but not too slow). Practice a bit – you will get the hang of it.

3. Hold a piece of known silver on the tip of your finger, balancing it, take another piece and give it a little tap, you should hear a nice bell ringing tone. If it clinks it probably isn’t real.

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