Rules and Policies

Our plan is to provide a fair, interesting and attractive marketplace for all buyers and sellers. To support this plan, we’ve put in place rules and policies that govern our expectations of buyers and sellers, and the instructions you need to follow to stay satisfied with the sale or buy on SateSale.

By becoming familiar with and following these policies, you’ll help us maintain a safe environment for all, and be able to avoid interruptions that might come from inadvertent violations of the rules.

Some of the rules reflect local legal requirements, while others are based on our experience of how best to protect everyone using SateSale services.

In the policy section, you’ll find information on items that can and can’t be sold, and details on how you can sell and buy without intermediaries.

User Agreement:

This User Agreement, and all policies and additional terms posted on and in, applications, tools and services (collectively “Services”) set out the terms on which SateSale offers you access to and use the Services. Terms of Use, all policies and additional terms posted on and in our sites, applications, tools, and services are incorporated into this User Agreement. You agree to comply with all terms of this User Agreement when accessing or using our Services.

Listing policies:

To make sure buyers have a great experience when they buy from you, we’ve put in place some rules and guidelines for listing items on SateSale.

There are some items that, due to legal restrictions or SateSale rules, we don’t allow or that can only be listed under certain conditions. If you’re not sure whether your item is allowed, our Prohibited and restricted items policy has more details on what you can and can’t sell.

Prohibited and restricted items:

Notes for Sellers and Buyers: